Cynthia E. Norton, Second-Grade Teacher
Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary School
Cynthia Norton is a "Natural Born Teacher"

Cynthia E. Norton is an established educator with a wealth of experience in the field, and she is proud to utilize her experience and love for teaching to help students, families and up-and-comers to bring out their best. Ms. Norton’s childhood dream of becoming a teacher came into fruition when she put forth the work that was necessary, and now, after serving for nearly four decades, Ms. Norton dedicates her career to helping the children with whom she works to make their own dreams come true.


At Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary School, Ms. Norton primarily teaches mathematics and science to second-grade students. Her chief objective as an elementary school teacher is to create a fun learning environment for her students, so that they will enjoy learning for years to come. Ms. Norton relates to children as well as their parents, in a manner that allows them to continue studying in their home setting. Additionally, Ms. Norton creates classwork that is original, imaginative and resourceful, that promotes, inspires and guides her students toward establishing a love for reading.


The inspired and artistic environment that Ms. Norton creates promotes an interactive learning environment for her students. She dresses in ornamented socks, necklaces, pins and funny hats, which stimulate children’s thought processes, and make them excited about reading, mathematics and science. Her activities have given her a chance to effectively reach students, and many of them return to thank her for teaching them with the remarkably original method. Ms. Norton has received many perfect attendance awards, has taught Bible school, Sunday school and junior church, and feels most grateful to see the faces of her students as they begin to grasp concepts.

Cynthia Norton is an elementary school teacher who has taught in a wide array of capacities. She is devoted to helping others learn to be their best selves, and continue to learn, in and out of school. Ms. Norton believes that if learning is made fun, people will want to continue to learn.

Cynthia Norton promotes family learning

Cynthia Norton
Canisteo-Greenwood Elementary School
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